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How to meet someone online?

Online dating is certainly very widespread with applications and new sites constantly being developed for that purpose. More and more people are talking via social networking and arranging to meet!

But how would you approach someone through the Internet?

1. Make the first step

Do you like their profile and pictures? Don’t hesitate, take the first step! Use the features that each dating site has to offer. You can send a flirt for example or like their pictures. Let them be aware that you are interested and that you have checked out their profile.

2. Go on! Send the first message

The first message that you send is very important. You only have one chance to impress them and you should stand out from the crowd! Instead of starting a chat with a common message such as “Hello, what are you doing?” Find out something interesting from their profile and use that to make a first impression.

3. Ask questions

So, after you have managed to catch their attention, start asking questions. Ask more about their personality and their hobbies. Most people are very social and enjoy talking about various subjects.

4. Show your interest in practice

This is a very crucial part of getting to know someone. Pay attention to what they tell you and focus on the things they likes. Using your personal time is a strong indication that you are interested in someone and is also considered a compliment on their behalf.

5. Approach her gradually

It is important to take things slowly. Even if they are replying to you instantly, do not start asking for a date! When the opportunity arises you may mention a meet up but you should avoid mentioning it from the beginning of the chat. Try to remember that they does not know you and you need to earn their trust first.

6. Do not get caught in the trap of waiting for them to reply instantly

A typical mistake that many people make, is that they eagerly send messages and expect them to respond immediately. Give them some time as it is likely they may be busy with work, socializing etc.

7. Be playful

Be pleasant in conversation, use emojis, make some jokes and lighten up the mood of the chat.

8. Give a compliment

Poeple LOVE compliments! Compliment them on their appearance, photos and smile.

9. Be honest and straight

There is no reason to disguise your real self and pretend to be someone else. Sooner or later they will find it out, so show them who you really are.

10. Do not take it personally if they stops chatting with you

Web contacts often disappear without notice, however there may be a real excuse behind this. They could have even found someone else! In either case, feel free to start another conversation with a new person! Nobody will ever find out, this is why we love online dating :)